So many things have become more straightforward in this modern age with various networking apps. With the push of a button, we can send private messages worldwide, watch our favorite movies and television shows, and even have automobiles that drive themselves.

Therefore, it makes natural that corporate networking will likewise benefit from digital advancement. This article will examine some of the top apps that might help you put together the finest team for the best outcomes.

Best Business Networking Apps

LinkedIn remains the king of online business networking. You would be missing a fantastic chance to network with other business owners and contacts who can support your endeavors if you weren’t participating in it.

Let’s examine the eight best networking apps to put your time and energy into.

1. Guild

This well-known platform was introduced in 2018. It enables communication while protecting data security with a focus on privacy. Sending direct messages, interacting with well-established business communities, or even better, starting your group is all made simple by Guild.

2. GroupMe

Whether you use iOS, Android, or another platform, this app is remarkably compatible. So this is one of your most excellent options if you’re using an old phone. GroupMe is perfect for continuing conversations about business-related issues because of its chat room layout.

3. Gizzabo

Bizzabo, designed for business events, lets you plan conferences, webinars, and other online gatherings. The app’s built-in messaging system is used for networking before, during, and after the event.

4. Fishbowl

The core of Fishbowl is connecting with others in your field. Each neighborhood referred to as a “bowl,” is devoted to a particular industry or subject. Using this app to expand your network, you can engage in conversation with various people.

5. Clubhouse

One of the most recent networking apps, Clubhouse, stands apart from the competition by supporting audio discussions. The speakers offer their opinions on many subjects, and audience members can converse with one another. This hybrid strategy results in a fun experience.

6. Lunchclub

With its distinctive methodology, this app ventures into dating after creating a profile. You are paired with other professionals for in-person video chats. It’s an AI-driven strategy designed to improve your interactions with business people.

7. Shapr

Another dating-style app that adds personality to the networking game is available here. Shapr suggests a group of experts every day; if you want to connect, swipe right. By mutually swiping right, you connect through the app and have a strong chance of forming a long-lasting connection.

8. Blind networking app

Professionals can talk openly about their work lives on this app because it provides a secure environment. As suggested by the name, chats are encrypted, and anonymity is guaranteed so that no one needs to be concerned about employee retaliation. Blind is a valuable tool if you want to learn more about other organizations and gain industry intelligence, even though it’s not a standard networking software that will introduce you to people by name.

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